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Creating with people in mind

Your eye-opening transformation is my motivation and inspiration.
I enjoy helping you to get from where you are to where you are heading with confidence, clarity, joy and playfulness.

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Craft your intentional branding space

Perfect for self-starters, creatives and entrepreneurs who need to start and (re)define their brand.

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Questions you may have
Do you offer payment plans?

No payment plans available yet on digital products. Nevertheless for some specific products alternatives will be possible. Feel free to check within these specific products.

How can I have a refund if I want to?

For digital products such as ebooks, typefaces, branding packages and notion projects no refunds are possible. Nevertheless some courses and programs may have a refund policy. Look inside specific products for further information.

Can I be a member of your focus group testing new products?

I am honored that you want to become a member of the selective group testing before launching a new digital product.All you have to do is apply here.

I cannot view the product?

If you have any problem downloading or reviewing your purchase refresh the page and check again. If the problem persists, you can send me a message at hellokevaepale@gmail.com.  Guidelines on Gumroad.

Can you create a digital product for me?

Congratulations on your intention of creating a digital product!
No, I don't create for you a sur-mesure digital product. I can guide you through my courses, products and empower you on your journey.

For collaborations and partnerships where we co-create and merge our talents and profits, feel free to contact me directly.

Can I share the links of purchased digital products?

There is a lot of care, dedication and passion within each of my digital products. Once you purchase a digital product, it is solely for personal use. I recommend not to share outside households.

Become an affiliate

You can become an affiliate and join the program if you enjoy and believe in my digital products. You will earn a commission on each sale and you can choose which product you want to refer.Send your request here

The Creative Fund

This fund is for creatives who cannot afford my services or digital products. Each time you make a purchase from my shop, you can add an extra tip, which will go to the creative fund and enable creatives in need to benefit from these tools on their journey.

I would like to submit a problem to solve?

For our creatives we are always thrilled to offer guidance and give advices on how to reach your creative business goals. Feel free to share your question/problem here. If it make it through the selection process know that a digital product will be created to answer you. Fill the form here

I want to join Keva Epale Studio team?

Keva Epale is always happy to collaborate with other creatives. Currently no freelance positions are available. If you still want to apply, feel free to send your application by email with:
• a brief introduction of yourself, your portfolio and CV.

Choose one of these prompts to write a very short paragraph that resonates with you the most:
• favourite mindset shift
• the latest happy and empowering project you worked on
• Your definition of creative confidence.

How do you create a digital product?

There is a specific course coming soon sharing the behind the scenes.
Subscribe to ''Your creative letter'' to stay updated.

How can I partner with you on your next digital product?

Feel free to contact me directly with all your informations and scope of partnership.
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What is the WHY of your studio today?

Keva Epale studio is a branding & storytelling powerhouse.
I am a creative who started my career in the design industry before unlocking entrepreneurship.
My studio is dedicated to helping creatives make the transition from being solely creatives to becoming creative entrepreneurs.

Using your creative powers to bring in solution to your clients, niche and beyond. We empower you with strategic guidance to help you ''do your thing''. Build a magnetic brand from You to ''Them'' that effectively connects with your audience and tribe.

Through educational content (blog, newsletters and podcast), consultancy and digital products we work from within and encourage you in your building of your ecosystem.
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Who is behind the studio?

The founder of the studio is Keva Epale. The studio was created in 2020 with the goal becoming a power house for branding and storytelling. It is a remote and digital nomad studio. You can read more about her on the about page.

How can I contact the founder?

You can contact Keva Epale directly by email

What is the vision of the studio?

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I am interested in partnership with the studio?

For partnerships you can contact Keva Epale directly by email.

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