Isabella & the pot of Basil

This Branding package was inspired by the genius pre-raphaelite painter William Holman Hunt. With his intense interpretation of the classic Isabella & the pot of basil, but also John Keats's poem.

I created this branding experience as a deep dive into the pottery field. It can serve several e-commerce entrepreneurs (flower industry, product designers, interior designers, the beauty industry, and art galleries). The obective and goal is a story and product that has more meaning than what you see at first.

2021 • Exclusive pre-made branding experience
Art direction . Branding . Illustration . Web design . UI/UX . SoMe
Isabella & the pot of basil
Stories of a potter

My first pre-made branding package inspired by the poem of John Keats entitled Isabella & the pot of basil, but also by the painting of William Holman Hunt with his intense interpretation of this classic.